Lori Straus.translator.writerCreativity and writing have always been a part of my life. In my youth, when I wasn’t practicing or teaching at the dance studio, I was at the computer, banging out novels and short stories like there’s no tomorrow.  (I was still using clichés, too.)

I’ve written for Dance Canada Quarterly, Natural Life, The Ontario Dealer, just dance! magazine, The Dance Current, and the Globe & Mail. My articles have covered celebrity interviews, whole foods cooking, the used car industry, and numerous dance topics. I’m also a copywriter for arts and tech clients alike and love the challenge of helping them tell their story.

I have two degrees: an Hons. BA in German with a second general major in Psychology and an MA in German Studies. When I’m not writing, cooking, or looking after the kids, I try and take performance classes of some kind. (So far, I’ve spent one year on ballet, two on Irish dancing, one on singing, and in August 2016 I took my first tap class in almost 20 years and lived to tell about it.)

I usually don’t see the world as black and white, but then, sometimes I do. I love discussing ideas with others, and I hope you’ll engage in discussion with me here. (The usual rules of conduct apply.)

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