Self-Publishing: A Panel Discussion With Industry Professionals

I’ll be appearing on this discussion panel as the first-time self-published author. If you’re in or near Waterloo Region, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge on self-publishing for this panel.

Waterloo Region PWAC

By Lori Straus

Self-publishing is all the rage these days. The idea that you can write something and, within a few hours, have it up for sale on Amazon is thrilling. You no longer have to find an agent, query dozens of publishers, and then – if you’re lucky – wait a year or two before seeing your book in print.

But wading through the world of self-publishing can make your head spin. Legal agreements, payment policies, cover design, to edit or not, formatting…

And then there’s marketing: Who’s your target audience? (Hint: It’s not “everyone.”) Do you want an author website or a book website? Do you hold a book launch? Must you use social media? How do you deal with bad reviews?

You also need to look at inventory: Do you sell electronically only or do you store physical copies? How many physical copies should you have on…

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