What You Might Get out of an MFA Program

Ballpoint pen, highlighting that the article is about MFAs for writing.I’ve always wondered if these MFA programs in creative writing that seem to be springing up everywhere are worth the money. I’m not sure if attending an MFA program is directly related to higher publishing rates (you’re theoretically published because you’re a good writer, not because you attended an MFA program). However, I can see a lot of benefits to practicing your writing under well-established mentors who aren’t afraid of telling you that your work needs, well, work.

This article from The Guardian is written by an MFA instructor and includes excellent writing advice from other MFA instructors. So whether or not you can afford an MFA, have a read. You’ll likely improve your writing.

Thanks to Ciarán Myers for passing this my way.

So you want to be a writer … | Books | The Guardian.

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